If you are finally ready to STAND IN YOUR TRUTH AND POWER on video, but you're still in hiding (so you don't even start), you don’t like how you look and sound, you can’t seem to GET or KEEP your mind in the game, or you’re getting lost in the noise, I completely get it.  

Or maybe you’re seasoned, but you know it’s time to update your videos and stretch your skills, reach, income, and impact beyond what you’ve already achieved so far, but you're not getting the right feedback or you don’t have someone to challenge you to help you get there.

I'd LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for you to join me in a DEEP DIVE where you can:

*Get the challenge and push you need to actually create the most important videos in your online business or mission  

*Have exclusive access to a powerful community where you can safely post your videos to get the right feedback and support from myself and other heart-centered-leadership-impact-driven souls  

*Develop the mindset and skills that are a NECESSITY to being an EFFECTIVE speaker and influencer on video


  • My ALL-TIME-FAVORITE PRACTICE AND RITUAL I do before and after recording every video that easily and quickly transforms fear, anxiety and self-doubt into heart-centered confidence so that you TAP INTO YOUR BRILLIANCE and CAPTIVATE YOUR AUDIENCE in a way that feels REAL and AUTHENTIC for you 
  • How to POWERFULLY COMMUNICATE THE VALUE YOU OFFER and DEVELOP A SERVICE MINDSET without feeling like you have to charge what you’re “worth” or "selling"
  • Have the CONFIDENCE AND COURAGE TO TRULY STAND OUT by STARTING BOLD CONVERSATIONS that everyone else is AVOIDING and bring TRUTH to light in a way that unites people instead of creating deeper separation and spreading hatred
  • How to easily create and structure content, live stream and offer videos that LEAD AND INSPIRE OTHERS WITH INTEGRITY to follow you, buy from you or support your cause and mission
  • My #1 SECRET TOOL to keep your followers super engaged and the reason why people invest to work with you or support your cause 

"Yelena challenged me to make a 'quick hit' video that made $50K inside 14 days and $120K in 5 months!"

"Yelena really challenged me to go through and make a a great “quick hit” video that was short, sweet, to the point, helped my customers understand they needed to make a change online and it generated over $50K in sales inside of two weeks. That same video also generated over $120K in sales within five months. It’s just those little distinctions a great coach goes through and challenges you to step into your best self and things that are outside your comfort zone."

Charly Caldwell II

If you KNOW DEEP WITHIN YOUR HEART there is so much more you desire to contribute to the world, but you’re feeling embarrassed to speak out, afraid of rejection and have thoughts that your comments won't be taken seriously or accepted I HAVE YOUR BACK!

What I've come to learn is the FEAR AND DISCOMFORT I had to lean into and move through showed me EXACTLY how I wanted to show up in the world and get clear on the message I needed to share that allowed me to find the POWER OF MY VOICE and it is MY MISSION to help you do the same!

With so much LOVE and BELIEF in YOU!

"I no longer feel like a 'deer in headlights' in front of a lens and super excited about how I can serve my audience!"

"I was in a bit of rut and feeling exactly how Yelena describes it like a “deer in headlights.” Yelena has helped me evaluate my weaknesses in front of the lens and pay more attention to the way I speak and get me super excited about the possibilities of how I can serve my audience. I would be delighted to work with Yelena again and highly recommend her services to anyone looking for an enthusiastic and encouraging coach."

- Dom Hart

"I *DOUBLED* my revenue in 6 months."

"I went through Yelena's program and I *DOUBLED* my revenue. She is smart, encouraging, kick-in-the-pants, practical, and intuitive. Working with her is a fantastic investment for your biz. You'll generate far more than what you invest due to her amazing coaching.

- Amy Simpkins

"I feel more impactful with my clients, more authentic on video and overall more influential."

"If you're looking to up your game and take your influence to the next level then Yelena is right for you. Yelena's no non-sense approach is balanced well with her sincere desire to help and support. She gives me direct feedback that helps me be more impactful with my clients, more authentic on video and overall, more influential."

- Jared Greer

"I now feel clear on what I need to do, who I'm helping and why."

"Yelena is more than amazing! I thought our sessions were going to be just about making videos, but she went well above and beyond that. She gave me insight into why my business was not taking off. She gave me so much clarity on what I needed to do, who I was helping, and why. She knew exactly what to ask to get me to the confident place I needed to be to move forward. She is upbeat and so uber lively-you can’t help but have a smile on your face when talking to her and all the while thinking “I’ll have whatever she has please!” Her happiness and genuine help is so contagious. She has made a pivotal difference in how I show up. I truly don’t know where I would be without her. She is so knowledgeable-you will leave your session raring to go, focused and completely confident because you know the direction she is sending you in is true to who are and will amp your business. She is a keeper!​"

- Aja Vancica